Touring Key West on bicycles is a really fun way to see it

Our picks for fun on the Island
This poolside bar is one of the finest establishments in town. go

Key West Parachute Jump Spot
The Key West reefs cause all kinds of issues for our captains of large sailboats, they need depth. go

One of the Better Beaches for Swimming
So you can check them both out at the same time. go

Seaport Harbor Walk
Locals call this Bight Marina, which is very famous for hosting Turtle Kraals, Half Shell, and the Schooner Wharf Bars. go

The Best of Florida Keys
Try to do that learning and historic stuff during the first few days of your vacation, the early knowledge helps you out on day three, four, and five, etc. go

Sloppy Joes Shirts are the Rage
Walk the inside perimeter and take a good look at the walls, paintings, and interesting memorabilia. go

Ideas for your Key West Nightlife
We saw the laughter and joy of the children on the tour. go

Great Detail on Historic Key West
A very interesting Key West landmark. go


Delights to See

Fried Grouper Special
Tonight's entree special that I am going to get is the Filet Mignon and Pink Shrimp. go

Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce
You do not have to get your face fire hot red to enjoy a good sauce. go

Spinach and Goat Cheese Omelet
For breakfast we love the spinach and goat cheese omelet. go

Black and Blue Cheeseburger
For cocktails only, head over to Fat Tuesday Drink Factory. go

Riding the unpredictable Bull
I like being surprised and do not even check the bar's event calendar, we just go! go

Hot and juicy pizza every-time
A hot slice is just the perfect pick-me-up since you do so much walking and bicycle riding sightseeing. go

How is the Island Wide Bicycling
Getting out and enjoying the beautiful island is so easy with all of the great bicycle pathways around the city. go


Using Bicycles over Cars

Delights to See

I own island city bikes and the trend is on to stay out of the car. Bikes are cheaper than ever. Many of the people who wander into the shop are amazed at the cost of some of the bicycles. Using bikes is good for everybody. Pollution and toxins in the ecosystem are a bad thing, plus decreased safety and loss of public spaces and community connection. What many people don't realize is what their car actually costs them roughly 8000 per year, according to aaa. The negative effects on your health compound with each hour you sit in a car. Even inexpensive cars add up in expensive repairs and maintenance fees. Have you considered the value of your time wasted sitting alone in your car on your daily commute? Get on the bike, to have fun and help all.

Alton A.