Upper Keys Boat Ramps List

Key Largo Ramps for Big Boats
You can head north or south, each direction has excellent areas for water-based recreation. go

You want 4-pole boat tie-up
Do know that the hotel has very limited dock parking, we kept our boat on the trailer when not using. go

Free Roadside Boat Launch
Has lots of primitive kayak launching and a boat ramp on the bayside. go

Amenities at the Marina Hotel
In the middle of the Key Largo Marina is a sweet boat ramp and dockage area. go

Treasure Harbor Road Islamorada Boater Resort
We do it all on bikes and by water. go

Playing around the Islamorada Docks
What a prime area for a fishing trip. go

Waterfront Sightseeing Spots
You just stop into the marina office, which is about 40 yards over to the left. go

Upper Florida Keys Boating Locations
Free for day use only, and no overnight parking. go


Find a Ramp

So scenic is the Checca Lodge Fishing Pier
Fish are everywhere and you can see them swim by as you look down into the nicely clear water. go

Places to Fish in Key Largo
The key to shoreline fishing is to enjoy the views! go

Islander Oceanside Watersports
Sharks are here, but you should not swim way out deep. go

Florida Keys Secret Spot
This is where we would recommend getting a fishing charter, as all the top guides run out of this bayside marina. go

Boat Rentals
The pros at the shop can help you with any questions and get you on your way super quick for the experienced. go

Pick up your Circle Hooks
If you are going to do any fishing on your vacation there is a nice place to pickup your hooks and tackle. go

Bring your Underwater Video Camera
On the way out, ask all your questions. go

Boat Fun During Swimming Season

Boating is so good during swimming season. I am off Monday may 19 to Friday may 23 for the Florida Keys trip. I also have off the following Monday may 26 to do the Miss Islamorada fishing boat. It is memorial day and the boating is better than ever. So, I have a vacation and Holiday time-off combo to make the most of the off shore fishing. It is nice to get a lot of boating Time out on the Water.

Jeremiah V.

Right off the Coastline

I am getting ready for the big 4-day holiday weekend! It is A really good Time in the Florida Keys during the labor day weekend. It's summertime, where the places like Dante's swimming Pool Bar are packed, and a lot of fun to do. It is warm out, and that means all of the young ladies that are down here on vacation will be showing off their best bodies in their bikini. If you enjoy the beach life, and lots of time at the swimming pool and the beaches, the labor day weekend is for you. It is exceptional at places like Holiday Isle in Islamorada, where they have quick access to the boating sandbar. It's right off the coastline, and you'll see hundreds of boats all congregating together. Wave runners are zooming around in every direction, and the girls on the Shoreline are showing off their best Florida Keys bikini body!

Jolene L.