Very fun it is to get a big bite from the giant Tarpon Fish

Live Crab is good for Bridge Fishing
There is a nice parking area for people to get out and check out the views, and lots of people go fishing off the bridge. go

Get the Tasty Fish to keep and eat
You can have the most fun when fishing on a boat around the bridges and scenic islands. go

Get Hooked up to Fish
You do not have to go on an expensive boat trip to catch fish. go

Florida Keys Mahi Recipe
Now I have become a mahi-mahi fish recipe expert. go

In and Out Beer Store
Some of the coolest places in the Florida Keys are not typical, and this does not look like a bait shop! go

Catch some Yellowtail Fish to eat for Dinner
Playful days on our Florida Keys Vacation included fishing anytime we wanted off the neat pier. go

Best Store for the Florida Keys Boater
It is the sweetest place in town! go

Shallow Water Fishing in the Keys
The shallow saltwater flats (we prefer the bayside) of the Florida Keys are perfect to test your skills. go


What is Biting

Buying Wine
Enjoy plenty of good things in one area, and lots of wine drinking restaurants. go

Sharks here are not like Cocoa Beach
There, you are swimming with lots of others. go

Bring the Kayak to enjoy the waterfront
Great area and one of the larger islands down in the chain, so you have much more to do. go

Grassy Key Lime Yellowtail Recipe
It is just so yummy! go

Celebrated for the fluffy Homemade Biscuits
Part of a Key Largo Vacation are neat spots like here at this Key Largo Diner. go

Hotels to keep the Smiles on Wide
Having the opportunity to stay at an upbeat and playful hotel made our vacation trip that much better. go

Walk to the Happy Hour Bars
We brought our bicycles and that is the easy way to buzz along the pathways around Marathon and Key Colony Beach. go


Where to get Boat Supplies

What is Biting

Bass Pro Shop, this is the place for everything boating. It is the Florida Keys Mega Boating Store. Could not live without it, as we get the stuff for all of the boats when we are on vacation down here. Has the things you cannot get at the fishing bait supply stores: Handheld GPS Units, Tie-Downs, Crimps and Wire, Fuel Tanks, Boat Seats, Trailer Rollers and Brackets, Boat Lights, Ladders, Paddles and Oars, Fishing Equipment, Rod Holders, Trolling Motors, Marine Chargers, and boating accessories.

Lenore T.