Walk around and take lots of photos, it is wonderful

Walk to the Local Bars
It took us a while to twiddle it down, as there are zillions of hotels down here. go

Private Villa Home
If your budget can allow, this is the type of place to stay. go

Active Vacation Zone
It is really nice to stay in style. go

Family Friendly Vacations to Key West
What a zany and crazy vacation we had. go

Very deep docking for large boats
Breezy Palms at mile marker 80 has it all, plus nice rooms and a splendid location! go

Waterfront Camping
Bring the boat down on the trailer was a really good idea and we would recommend that for other South Florida Boaters. go

Highly Recommended for a good Time
The master bedroom offers a King bed updated bathroom. go

Oceanfront Bed and Breakfast Inn
There's no shortage of great accommodations in Key West and you will love this one. go


Overnight hospitality

Way Better than Average Gifts
See the cool video link we sent in for you to help the community. go

Seafood is perfect on an Island
Everyone was so nice I just had to spread the news. go

Tropical Blackened Yellowtail Reuben
This is one of our favorites and we really like the drink menu. go

Places to see near the 7-Mile Bridge
Parking for autos is plentiful by the beach access areas, which makes it so nice to pop over and do. go

Spaghetti Special is a Yummy
Made with fried dolphin topped with pickled red onions, cabbage, lime cream sauce and tomatilla sauce, served in warm flour tortillas with rice and black beans on the side. go

Tiki Carvings Shop
Being self-taught in the technique of Tiki Art is so unique. go

Fitness Activities in the Florida Keys
The park itself is used by locals and gets busy late in the day, after the work hours. go


Best Hotel for Water Play

Overnight hospitality

The Pelican Cove Islamorada is the best hotel for water play. We loved staying here and all the very cool bars around (within a mile or less), plus you get the kitchens. Kayaks are how we got the watersports fix, rent or bring yours. The summer discounts for Florida residents just puts the hotel over the top, we like July, and we come back for more every year. The upper keys has it going on for boating, plus the cheaper kayak. The week last month was superb and do not miss the Outback Oceanside. It is so nice here.

Weston G.