Waterfront Dining is my Favorite Thing to Do

Get a Grilled Tuna Steak Sandwich
There is a beach here for swimming and charter fishing too! go

It is deserving of the Best Overall Food Winner Award! go

Mile Marker 83 Cafe
Right in the middle of the island is this cafe, and they make really good food. go

Wok Charred Ahi with Vegetables
The menu is vast and somehow we narrowed it down to Stuffed Soft Shell Crab and Grilled Yellowfin Tuna Steaks. go

Order the Seaweed Salad
Any table is good for the music, it is plenty loud down by the beach or around the back bar. go

Beer Bar and Seafood Restaurant
The offer a lot of beer deals like buckets of Budweiser Beer. go

Famous Kite Surfer Whale Bar
Put this on your list of one of the best seafood restaurants in the Islamorada Florida Keys area. go

The Big Grouper Sandwich is Amazing
Everything was just fantastic and they keep it nice and cool inside, perfect for refreshing your head and skin! go


Only Yummy Ingredients

Where to buy Beer and Alcohol
We came down for the Wine on the Water Event, a fantastic event. go

We Really Like the Hotel Value
One of the reasons visitors continue to take vacations to Islamorada is the abundance of motels and hotels that are reasonably priced. go

Kayaking Locations
There are bridges to cross and islands to circle, plus the mangrove trails. go

This Location is Just Fantastic
The Whistle Stop is the coolest bar. go

Unique Local Goods
You might end up with a lot more in your suit case than when you arrived. go

Mahi is the Cafe Queen
Traditions are made by our trips to the keys and we love eating at the Overseas Restaurant. go

Condo Rentals in the Entertainment Zone
A sure thing for everything fun. go


Do more Eating

Only Yummy Ingredients

We got an opportunity to do more eating on this trip, because it was windy a lot more often, keeping us out of the boat. It was an honor to try a great place named Uncle's Seafood Bar. Enjoy fine dining in a cordial atmosphere at uncle's restaurant. They have something special and it's very unique. Very famous is the Green Turtle, plus they make the best turtle soup ever! This is a Florida Keys tradition since the 1950s, and we have been returning for years. Seafood is the big item here, and they do it just right. I can say the best place to go in the morning. Start your day off right with Bob's Bunz Bakery. Some locals call it bunz bakery and others the Islamorada Restaurant, but all call it yummy. Stop in when you first hit the island and you just might be back each and every day! For a big night out I would try the Kaiyo Asian Cuisine. A Florida-asian cuisine concept restaurant has landed in the heart of Islamorada, the Florida Keys. Visitors and locals on the island thirst for variety, which is why the dinner crowds hit kaiyo keys. The food presentation is amazing.

Denise R.