Watersports toys really spice up a vacation day

Loves the pathways on the Island
One of the coolest little adventure kayak trips, as you cross the gorgeous grass flats to get over to the island. go

All Ages can Parasail
Part of what gives it something extra is the water clarity down below. go

Middle Florida Keys Reef Exploration
Go with a group to have the most fun, we like the snorkel trips and others in our group go scuba. go

Palm Beach Boat Rentals
Jerry's Rental shop is awesome, part of the BlueGreen Resort near mile marker 48, on the right heading down. go

Island Life is a Kayak Trip
This was one of the highlights of the week, as we picked a nice sunny day to held see the critters down below. go

Fish to see out on the Reef
New to scuba after just getting certified, this was my time to branch out and perform! go

Go Under and See Magical Sea Critters
I would come here the first day you get in town and start figuring out the best weather day and book it. go

Underwater is the Fun Zone
It was a pleasure taking a boat ride out to Alligator Reef, with such great water clarity. go


The Water Surrounding

Pathway for Bicycle Riding is great in the Keys
Oh so special are family times playing and enjoying all of the options along the Overseas Highway. go

Blimp Road Boat Ramp Park
You will see plenty of sharks running around and that is part of a sunny day experience. go

Vacations down where Florida begins
It was our first trip to stay in the Upper Florida Keys and we had a fine time at Rock Reef. go

So Much to See on the Island
Those were the people on the island that watched their shipwrecks, which revealed themselves just after the storm clears. go

Fantastic Five Nights in May
You can pick your rental period, rather than the typical condo rentals out here. go

Getting a Quick Beer on Duval
We love this town and the historic places. go

Upper Keys Boating Bar
Watch the boaters come in while you dine on Conch Fritters! go


Party Boat Fishing Trips

The Water Surrounding

What a super time are the Party Boat Fishing trips. It was great yesterday, so I wanted to give a trip report. I called and left a voice mail on your cell phone around noon. It went well, and I look forward to telling you all about it tomorrow at the fishing Tackle Box.

Reginald J.