We are big fans of discount pricing

Rings and Bracelets at Local Color
This is a store she will love, and men too! go

Fantastic Upper Keys Footlongs
You cannot beat the deli sandwiches. go

Books about the Florida Keys
The first one we ordered was titled: Fly-Fishing in The Florida Keys by The Guides' Guide. go

Places worth stopping to Gift Shop
Good prices, with an awesome mix of items to browse. go

Island Style Doodads and Trinkets on Sale
This shopping center is small in size, but large in stuff. go

Solid brimmed hats for the wind
You can find it on the lower level of the Westin Resort, the combined storefront is known as Sunset Waterfront Shoppes. go

Mallory Square Everything Store
They have anything you may have forgotten, get lotion, water, film, or whatever. go

Looking for Cheap and Cool Keys Stuff
A really fun zone. go


Shoppers Delight

Sunset Photograph
There is deep water dockage with direct access to both the Gulf or the Ocean. go

This is a Great Time to Visit the Island
Yes, this is all for the Halloween Season and the weather is just wonderful this time of year. go

Mile Marker 99 Beer and Fuel Stop
Love the area, walk right over to the Key Largo Marina. go

Making the Most of the Islamorada Weekend
The shade that you get under the mangrove trails is wonderful and creates a special water scene. go

Fun Things to do with your Children
It is amazing and worth your time, if you can just fit in from going out on the reef trips and the snorkeling! go

Where would Hemingway go for breakfast
It is so close to Hemingway's home, he can just shout out his order before heading in! go

Special is the Oceanfront Pool
The rooms are handsomely appointed and open onto a lushly landscaped tropical setting. go

Searching for the Value Priced Shopping

Others have told us that shopping, groceries, and dining can be a bit pricey. It was relayed to me that this was not just Key West, but also Marathon and Key Largo. Any thoughts on ways to save money shopping and buying day to day items in Monroe County Florida? How to save money shopping in the Florida Keys is all about Kmart and Publix stores. Value pricing is a good thing to target.

Blake I.

Shopping Spots

I'm really curious to see how good the Craigs list website is a selling and other than that I have and am curious if anybody's had any experience with it that they could post as a comment. I bought one of the new flat-panel ovens, where it's flat on top of it doesn't have the burners like the old days. My old oven works perfectly but it has the old-style look to it and I was trying to modernize my house on Big Pine Key and now I need to sell the old. I wonder how much something like that would go for on craigslist keys.craigslist.org website. It looks like a good buying place and Florida Keys Shopping spot" class="comment-more4">Nice Florida Keys Shopping Spot to find The Deals.

It looks like they sell about everything on their website and they don't have a specific city for Big Pine Key or Key West, they just dump it all together for some reason. The for sale section does list furniture psalm and click on that and then search for oven. Using the word oven didn't do anything for me but it did work for stove. I guess I'll put add up with a photo and see what happens and report back to everybody. Shopping is really easy in the Florida Keys but selling something is a little more difficult because of this island life, and maybe I should call biz bash the radio us1radio.com show.

Ty Y.