We come by boat and dock up and swing in for the live music

We Love Florida Keys Fitness Play
Here you get to it the balls around with a waterfront view. go

Use Wet-Wearable Shoes in the Florida Keys
It is huge and there are a big system of nature trails within the complex. go

Backcountry Trips on the Water
Please note, if you see any items that might endanger marine life, please pick it up and discard it in a trash can. go

We love the Florida Keys vehicle free Bicycle Pathways
We loved the way you can ride from the Seven Mile Bridge in Marathon all the way down to Key Colony Beach on the motor vehicle traffic free pathway. go

Big Warm and Juicy Cookies
See them make the yummy stuff at the cooking area on display inside the store. go

Things not to miss in Key West
Always a pleasure is the scenic views and the laughter at the Southernmost Point here in Key West Florida. go

Bring Your Map on Key West Tours
The vast amount of shade trees in Key West really help keep you cool on your bike tours. go

Roosevelt Boulevard Tennis Park
The island is also just fabulous for bicycle riding and jogging. go


Keep Things Lively

Everything for your Dog
They were just the cutest all together playing and loving each other. go

Fishing Hotel in the Key Largo
I really enjoyed the clarity of the water, making it such a dream vacation. go

Wet Shoes for the Beach
Ladies will like the fashions, as you will be in great style. go

Good Choice for a Stay on the Island
We have found the pricing is very reasonable relative to the budget value and big time location for fun. go

Famous Dog of Key West
Perfect for all ages to get involved, and my four year old daughter got to pass on buck to the highly trained dogie. go

Eating Outside
The shrimp and avocado salad blends pink shrimp, tomato, avocado, red onion, cilantro, jalapeno, greens, lime juice, olive oil, and pepper. go

Stop in if you have not been, the restaurant has the perfect vibe and fits in so well with our quaint little community. go

Marathon Lady Fishing Boat Ride

Don't forget, we still have to go on the Marathon Lady boat ride, for my birthday. Remember, we are going to go in the winter. It will be better to see the dolphins then. We can go in January.

Francis P.

Keeping it all Interesting

I think it is the jazz channel that might help me to keep the dogs awake in the neighborhood! I realize it seems funny but my gosh the neighbors are always with the dogs barking. The best thing I can do is get back at them by having jazz music with the nice trumpet sounds blasting away once a go to sleep about ten pm. I don't really think it's unethical as we have the Key West chickens everywhere and they get to make all the noise they want twenty-four hours a day. Dogs please, we all have to do a better job as dogs are dirty and stinky, plus they make loud noise. I don't mean to offend the people up there the Founders Park dog park, but let's get real this is a beach and no place for a dog to poop. Should dogs be allowed to be one hundred yards from an amphitheater that has hundreds and hundreds of people there to enjoy?

Hattie B.