We did a one day scooter rental and then a bicycle the rest of the trip

Restaurants that have Healthy and Flavorful Foods
Adults can have alcohol, beer, and cocktails at the bar or table. go

We Like the Morning Sunrise Rides
There is no shade trees to block the sun, so the area is more sparsely occupied during the midday hours. go

Paddle Tour of the Homes
Board rentals are so much cheaper than a regular boat. go

One Fine Spot for Sunset Music
You might have to sit inside if you have a large group, but it doesn't matter because the dancing and openness of the entire restaurant is fine. go

Hit the Bull on your Birthday
This is one of my top bar picks for Key West. go

Hit the Beach
Exploring the Florida Keys tidal lagoons and backcountry flats is a blast. go

Good fun and spirit for All
We like all the shade, Key West is really good about that. go

Places to Enjoy the Waterfront Views
There may not be a more relaxing spot in town. go


The Activities

Old Home Mansions
You cannot beat the tours for getting to the key elements about the before and now of each property. go

Lower Keys Hotels for the Budget
Expect a straight forward hotel room, traditionally for one of the lowest prices in town. go

Ultimate Middle Keys Escape
The giant swimming pool makes arriving back at the hotel something to look forward too, plus tropical cocktails too! go

Cooking up the Florida Keys Dolphin
You will enjoy the tasty dishes. go

Nicest B&B for Couples
Go on the bikes up the US1 Scenic Bike Trail that heads all the way to Stock Island. go

Single Lane at The Palms Condo
You are walking distance from the local fishing bait shop, so it is easy to get bait and fish for some dinner. go

Swimming season is my time to go
What a party spot and all family friendly, but the adults can let loose. go

Super Coastline for Exploring

What are the Islands that make up Marathon Florida Keys. We get so many questions about what makes up the Marathon Islands at the Tackle Box Bait Shop. Make sure you have good maps and backup communication equipment when you go boating. The primary islands you will be exploring include: Crawl Key, Vaca Key, Boot Key, Knight Key, Hog Key, Stirrup Key, Little Crawl Key, Deer Key, Fat Deer Key, Long Pine Key, Grassy Key, East Sister Island, and West Sister Island. Duck Key is so close we should add them in.

Emery G.

Getting around on a Zippy Scooter

We have learned the lesson from other trips. Now we head straight to the scooter rental shop, just as soon as we check into the hotel. Fun is all about seeing as much of the island and having The very Best Time doing it. This is for Key West dreams, zoom-zoom. Renting bicycles was something we always did during the trips to Key West. Bikes are exceptional. Or get both a scooter and bike. Getting around quickly is even made better on a zippy scooter and would certainly recommend this as an improved island travel technique.

Cornelius J.