We like Places that have Cheap Stuff that is Fun to Wear

Fresh Lobster
What a nice mix of fish market and waterfront cafe. go

Wet Shoes in the Florida Keys
You end up by the shoreline a lot and it is nice just to be able to walk in the water. go

Skin Care Magic Store
Here is where to go. go

Buy Key Lime Trees
I really like the full color palate of the benjamin moore paints, including the ecologically friendly boat dock paint. go

Southernmost Gift Shop
Cute little spots like this are just too cool to pass up. go

Fausto's Grocery on Fleming Street
It has it all and I like the full deli, plus tons of wine and beer selections. go

Florida Keys Shopping
This is our shop. go

The Hot and Spicy Store
Eat like a local, stop for a bite to eat. go


Shoppers Central

Today in Key West Aqua
Just had to send you in this video to post please. go

Mighty fine Oceanfront Rentals
This Resort and Villas are located directly on a Pristine Beach. go

Coolest Bar in Key West
This one is smack in the City Center Key West. go

Best Local Rental Shop
It is the largest sports rental store in the Middle Florida Keys. go

Activities that our Hotel Guests just rave over
Your heart will get pumping during one exciting adventure. go

See all of the Top Key West Bars
Looking for an exciting adventure which includes cocktails at some of the best bars in Key West? go

Catching Lobster
The lobster assassination kits give you the edge to increase your catch ratio. go

Great Atmosphere for Shopping

One of the most important things for us when we come down here on vacation is to check out all the art exhibits. This town is very good about even having live artist demos, done before your very eyes. What a pleasure is spending time around Old Town for the great atmosphere and shopping with the dining. Both art buyers and art enthusiasts can really get into the local artist, who produced some really colorful works. Often there are exhibit openings and special events at some of the downtown galleries and art spaces. Old Town itself is home to more art galleries then you probably would find in all of Miami. We love everything about the area including the retail shops and of course all the local artwork dealers. Once you find your ideal item like the Lobster Art, then you can focus on the featured restaurants and bars to finalize the day!

Gerald S.

Product Buying

I was hoping somebody could point me in the direction for the best place to get pool supplies in the big pine area and Cape Coral, as I live in both places. I'm talking about my swimming pool and specifically jugs of chlorine and chlorine tablets. It would be nice if the website had the exact prices for each jug of chlorine that I'm buying. I found one here called my pool doctor and they excel chlorine but no prices mypooldoctor.com listed.

Nola L.