We like the things to do outside that do not dip so heavily into the wallet

Tea Table Relief Bridge Sunset
Robbie's is for a family stop and it is a big winner down here for sure. go

Budget Friendly Ideas for Islamorada
Many of the fish we catch are quickly dehooked and gently released back into the water. go

Fresh Bread
Tasty beyond my expectations are the Peach Cobbler Danish Pastries. go

Finding the Comedy and Laughter in Old Town
He got me the first time over as you exit the Sunset Cafe, where you walk down the docks heading towards Mallory Square. go

Where to buy Beer and Alcohol
We came down for the Wine on the Water Event, a fantastic event. go

Parking along the Florida Keys Overseas Heritage Trail
One of the very few places you can stop and park your RV and in the SHADE! go

Designs to inspire your eye-balls
Look what a fantastic sign does for Craig's Restaurant. go

Yummy is the Best Bar Food on the Island
We just had to sit at the bar with the great views out over the waterfront. go


Nearby Places

Waterfront Sightseeing on Indian Key
From the ramp you will find more action to the north, if you may want to hit a restaurant or need live bait. go

Highlighted by the Travel Channel TV
If you see the new Travel Channel video of Samantha Brown's visit to the Florida Keys, Shell World is right at the beginning. go

What is the boating like in Key Colony Beach
All boaters have to take this channel to get inside the upper-side of Key Colony Beach. go

Primetime Zone is Boot Key Harbor
Tall ships need a safe place to moor the boat, using their dingy to get to the land. go

Good times at the Monroe Mixer MM88
I would have to say that the crew at the Leadership Monroe mixer was in full beer drinking mode. go

Getting Ready for the Big Hunt
The Lionfish Hunt Derby Series is conducted to halt the growth of Lionfish population. go

Residential Condo Homes for Weekly Rental
It really is the number one spot for a Vacation in the Florida Keys that will surprise you. go

Nature Parks and Outdoor Experiences

Locals and visitors just rave over the nature parks and outdoor experiences. No matter what your motivation may be: fitness, sightseeing, or connecting with nature, we all need to keep all areas and shorelines clean. Come see us at the Key West Wildlife Center, located inside of Sonny McCoy Indigenous Park. Volunteers are always welcomed too.

Henrietta U.

Challenges of Local Life

I want to pass the word on the Florida Keys oil changing places. All the oil change places give false info. Even toyota and honda mechanics in Miami will fool you into extra work. There is nothing wrong with you transmission! People that change oil do not have the ability to fix transmissions or they would do that and get more money in a real job. Oil change people are the bottom of the job chain, even the sales guys, the bottom of knowledge about cars or they would have a better job. I will visit to fix up kitty's patio and if you need help moving the car to the dealer, I can help too. If you ever need transmission work, go to honda but let me do the car drop and take charge of the conversation. Please do not quote: the bottom of car knowledge, oil changers. You do not have to go to highschool to change oil. Please! Catman Kitty would be mad if you got scammed as he wants the money put into backyard projects and modular cat furniture up the wall!

Gregory C.