We love doing Things Outdoors along the Water

Big Boats make the Trip nice
Best of fun times for all ages or the whole family. go

Do not miss Mel Fisher's Show
When you vacation down here to mile marker one, there is a Mel Fisher Museum that is a must do. go

Pathway under History
So you have ten miles of stress free bicycle pathway, wide and easy to ride. go

Lovely Beach Area
This is a beautiful beach located in the southernmost part of Key West, where the atlantic ocean meets the gulf of Mexico. go

Mandatory 4-corner Boat Tie Off
(1) On site boatramp that works fine even on low tide (2) Secure over flow boat trailer parking to keep the trailer (3) Four corner boat dock tie up in the water to keep the boat secure (4) Dock water hose and electricity. go

Marathon Take-Out Food Winner
Get all the goodies from a raw bar in wholesome family style. go

Halfway to Key West
They hooked us right into the best of the dive boats, we wanted to snorkel. go

Great parking area on the Overseas Highway
A very scenic area, this is the perfect place to stop with a family and take a photography break! go


Adventurous Trek

Buying Pizza
Eating for cheap and with a view is so nice. go

Special spot for a very nice Vacation
See the pot of gold pulled from the sea bottom, where it had sat for hundreds of years! go

Things walking distance from the Caribbean Resort
The videos will get you ready to come down and play! go

Quicksilver In-Water Ladder is Excellent
One of the things the crew will explain is about how to deal with the moving water and ladder system. go

Marathon Florida Keys Visitors Center
At this pitstop you can get all the things you need to know. go

Perfect Stop on the Way Down US1
Families with small children will love the opportunity to let their kids get out of the car and play in the water. go

Where to Buy Colorful Beach Towels
We always take a towel for each person when we go to the beach and for tennis. go


A few Key Things

Adventurous Trek

The rules and regulations for residential garbage collection in the Florida Keys are pretty lengthy. There's been a lot of question and discussion over what is right and wrong for picking up your garbage. There are a few key things that are important and I wanted to take a second and pass this on to the community. A filled container may not weigh more than 50 pounds, take it easy on people's backs! Everybody needs to cover their garbage and there should not be holes or cracks inside the cans were the bugs can get in. People are not supposed to put their garbage out front of their house or apartment the day before, rather as late in the day as possible so it doesn't look horrible to everybody else in the neighborhood. Make sure the garbage folks can actually get to it and it's not obstructed in some way. Your trash such as tree trimmings and small limbs must be cut into links of less than 4 feet and they can't be superheavy, again the 50 pound rule. Come on Florida Keys we can do the right thing, we can help it make it easier on the garbage collection people.

Reed D.