We love the Experience doing the Water Sports

Kayak at Pennekamp Park
Nothing beats the mangrove trails, they are mostly plenty wide. go

Reel in Big Fish
The cute little puffer fish was a small part of a dream dive trip out of Captain Hooks. go

The water here is so prime
One of the best things going for water sports down here in Key West is the Marine Park. go

Seafood Salad Recipe Expert
It is nice to enjoy an open and airy full-service meal by the water. go

Get your Fishing License
Do we need a fishing license? go

See Underwater
Thanks so much to the gang for making the whole experience nice and easy. go

Boater Hotel
This is a great island for the boating and Fishing, and lots of the bikini lifestyle. go

Boat Docks Whale Harbor
They will cook your catch at the restaurant next to the boat docks! go


Eco Boat Tours

Turtle Island Watersports
It is very cool to do some adventurous activities on the ocean. go

Tuning in to the Fishing Reports
Tips from the local fishing professionals sure makes our time on the water more productive. go

Always Have Key Limes with Beer
This place has a lively crowd, which is what brought us in the first time. go

Yeah to Buzzz in The Keys
I hope everyone around the islands knows about it. go

Healthy Island Eating Makes me Smile
With no shortage of excellent dining choices in Key West, do a little homework first to be sure you get the price-value return on your money. go

Lighthouse look out Tower
One of the neat things you learn on the tour is the unbelievable time line that this structure has withstood. go

Sunset side of the Island
We took our boat down with us (18 mako center console) and that was all you need here, since we did not want to go 30 miles out in the ocean. go


Neat Things to Do

Eco Boat Tours

The best way to boat down to the Florida Keys is on the Ferry Express. The people of southwest Florida are very lucky since they can come down to Key West on the ferry service express. Just three or four hours from Marco Island or ft myers beach. It so easy and saves you from the drive down us one. Went to get here then you can switch to the Scooter Riding. All of the big islands are good for renting them. Of all the neat things to do in town, nothing tops having a scooter for island wide transportation. Renting is easy and oh so cheap relative to the fun. This is how to move quickly around the attractions. The most outrageous thing we saw the whole weekend was the Cat Man. This super special act goes down in the legends of the Florida Keys. Unique entertainment like this only comes around once every hundred years. If you're looking for some other kinds of entertainment that the locals to go with Bocce. Just how fun is the City of Key West and it always surprises us with more and more treats. Why not try something different, Bocce!

Avis K.