We love the old Stuff and will Continue to see More

You are going to love the Hotel
The place is all clean and tidy, no issues with safety or in room amenities. go

Good to See
Wow, it is extremely rich in detail. go

This is a neat thing to do for all history lovers. go

Bar Themed T-Shirts
It's a unique place, so you have to stop in for a sip or two! go

The Old Midtown Boat Docks
It has been a large burden to local taxpayers who ultimately pay for the removal and disposal of derelict boats. go

History is a Huge Part of the Key West Trip
Shrimp catching, processing, and selling is a big deal in the Florida Keys. go

Going for a the Beach Swim
The park entrance is right on the backside of the Truman Annex Complex. go

This is right next to the Cruise Docks
As you tour the island, pay close attention to signage in the front of the older homes. go


Important Things

Starting spot for the Full Featured Watersports
This is the spot to stay for those bring a boat. go

Dunkin Donuts inside the Hess
It was so nice to stay right across the street from the Hess Express, at the Bayside Inn. go

I would come here the first day you get in town and start figuring out the best weather day and book it. go

Tasty is the frozen mudslide blended cocktail with absolut vodka, irish cream liqueur, cream, served smoothie style, topped with chocolate flakes and whipped cream. go

Always Smiling on the Scooter in Key West
Put this on the mandatory to do list! go

Really Good Hamburgers on the Menu
It is in with the Tradewinds strip mall shops. go

Front Street Smokehouse Bar
All of the watersports, walking, and bicycle riding gives us a big appetite when we get cleaned up and ready to indulge. go


Sightseeing for History

Important Things

We did a lot of sightseeing for history with our bicycles. There is A lot to See including a place known as Little Hamaca Park. Surprises are in every corner of the Florida Keys and so are the kayak trails! This is a fantasy come true for all of us that just love the heck out of the waterfront and marine-life. It is pretty amazing with all the Chickens and Roosters. You will notice the different on your first night in Old Town Key West. The world of playful chickens and roosters live here too and just look how cute! Do not leave town without going down the Martello Pathway on your bicycles. Getting out and enjoying the beautiful island is so easy with all of the great bicycle pathways around the city. We like the area over by the West Martello Tower, it is gorgeous. There are plenty of local parks where you can get out and use your camera or hunt for coconuts. The more of your time you spend on bicycles, the better you will understand Local Life. Plan on seeing all kinds of neat little parts of the islands, like Local's Park Key West.

Vernon I.