We love the places that put on the smiles

Bahia Honda Bridge Beach
The park is truly amazing, try to pick a sunny day with low winds for the best water clarity. go

Everyone has to go here at least once
I do like the narration provided by the tour guides. go

Great Detail on Historic Key West
Your tour guide will simplify hundreds of years of history in an entertaining way. go

Neat Places around the City Center
So you can check them both out at the same time. go

Top Cocktails Spots for Sightseeing
I am not sure I would bring children under six, but it is a great time for all but the smallest kids. go

The beaches are very clean
This is a wonderful way to spend the day, just enjoying Smathers Beach in Key West. go

Zany Places to Eat and Drink
Every day is an open invitation to a really good party spot, the Chill Zone. go

Seaport Harbor Walk
Locals call this Bight Marina, which is very famous for hosting Turtle Kraals, Half Shell, and the Schooner Wharf Bars. go


Watersports Itinerary

Where to buy Train Tickets
I goes all over old town, but you can only get off or on at one of designated stops. go

Marathon Breakfast Restaurants
I just love a good amount of food at darn nice prices. go

Fitness with Reef Swimming
What a super event, as the Florida Keys Reef System is unbelievable to see up close. go

Very good Florida Bay Kayak Area
This is a fabulous place to stop by during the day for the scene or late night for the live music. go

Even the Pilots love the Islands
Taxis are waiting there at the airport, so during the day you should have no problem. go

Kayak Launching Locations
Do the land based touring on a bicycle. go

Sure Fire Things to Do
This is a prime thing to do on your vacation, pick a nice day since it is both indoor and outdoor. go

Perfect Florida Keys Bike

The perfect Florida Keys bike is a giant escape. This is the next step up in speed, as compared to your and my 700c twenty eight inch wheel bike. The next step up from a 700c twenty eight inch wheel comfort-style, is a hybrid like this giant escape. It is a little less cozy and more about speed. This bike looks right up my alley!

Hattie J.

Putting Together a Great List

We came down to Discover Scuba and i liked our findings. What a place to learn everything you need To know About scuba diving. They make it so easy and fun to learn, get certified, and scuba in the open water. Do it all until the Bluewater Checkout Dive. It was time for me to get my open water certification. The three day class or course seemed like the perfect way to go. After you get you checkout dive complete head to the happy hours at the pilot house. Part of our vacations are our little happy hour parties, which we do each and every day. We like to party, plus devour seafood and beer! Make sure to stop at the Ocean Reef Cultural Center. The Place to Go for dinner shows, concerts, and all sorts of on going performances. The Ocean Reef club prides itself on putting together a great list of entertainment and educational events.

Karla R.