We loved our stay and the island pleasures

Good times on trips to Key Largo
It is so nice to stay at the top of the Florida Keys. go

Walk to the Beach Bar
Located in the Middle Florida Keys on the Islands Of Marathon and sits right along the Atlantic Ocean. go

Blue Water Oceanfront Tiki Bar
For example: on Tuesday you call about reservations and want a discount for a room on Wednesday and Thursday. go

Very Happy by Cow Key Channel
Clean rooms, fantastic service, and outstanding views are what they brag about here, and yes they should. go

South Roosevelt Boulevard Beach Drive
The pool is sweet and it is the ideal way to clean up after you hit the seawater. go

Big Thanks to the Bayside Inn
We just eat this kind of nature right up. go

Upper Keys Jewfish Creek Resort
Just like that we were off on our water based journey! go

Happy Stay at Mile Marker 1
Jumping in after returning to the hotel is like a nice wake-up splash! go


Quite Nice Rooms

Places that the Locals Love
Love the area, walk right over to the Key Largo Marina. go

Only Five Dollars Please
We always stop in and pick up some cheap gifts. go

Frozen Cocktails with a View
One of the best dishes on the island is the fish taco delight. go

Parking locations for the Beach
There may not be a more relaxing spot in town. go

Quality Food at Reasonable Prices
I love Angelina's pizzeria restaurant for my late-night monkey craving, but that is a lot better and lower in calories. go

Getting to know the City Center
Expect surprises and lots of humor along the way. go

Top for Seafood Platters and Sandwiches
What a meal with homemade belgian style, fresh bananas, walnuts, and hot syrup. go


Finding the Hotel Bargains

Quite Nice Rooms

Lots of bargains are here for the taking and the decisions are yours to make. Picking the perfect hotel takes some homework time. Enjoying a great vacation doesn't have to break the bank. Saving a significant amount of cash doesn't mean staying in a flea-bag motel and eating out of a dumpster. Budget-conscious decisions can mean the difference between a three-day weekend and week vacation in paradise.

Alexander Y.