We loved the Trip Fishing Down here and Would Recommend it for Everyone

Middle Keys Bait and Fishing Store
The fishing shop is right in the middle of town, near mile marker 82. go

Circle Hooks and Live Fishing Bait
Our favorite local tackle shop, as we tend to fish own our own. go

Look what we caught on the Contagious
So cool is the whole live bait experience, one not to miss! go

Do the right thing for fish populations
So fun is catching and watching others reel in an assortment of keepers, all cleaned and filleted for each angler. go

It is a pleasure to sail into Marathon Key Harbor
It is the largest harbor mooring for sailboats of all the Florida Keys, all because of the huge protected waterway. go

Get Hooked up to Fish
Most everyone should do some fishing, at least for one afternoon when vacationing in the Florida Keys. go

Cherish as a Lifetime Adventure
There are a lot of ways to catch some fish in this area. go

Unexpected Treasures in the Florida Keys
Some of the coolest places in the Florida Keys are not typical, and this does not look like a bait shop! go


Fishing Season

Free beach parking across the street
If you want to swim you picked a good spot. go

Boat Vacations to Boot Key Marina
Boaters will really enjoy the Middle Florida Keys, as nothing beats the area around the Seven Mile Bridge. go

Middle Keys Hideaway Island
It only takes a minute to idle from the island dock to the mainland dock, where you car and bicycle are waiting. go

Getting Mexican Food in the Upper Keys
Huge for locals, this is a great place stop for those heading farther down the Florida Keys and you are looking for a cheap lunch stop. go

Hey fella what are you
The reefs here are really sanctuaries and a safe habitat for you to see the species up-close. go

The Best Restaurant near the Seven Mile Bridge
I am a big fan of the prices and love the food. go

Nicest B&B for Couples
Biking the outter loop on the pathway is a great time, we loved the bicycle rides more than the Conch Train. go


Fishing Areas

Fishing Season

We like the fish a lot in December and January, you just have to get around those windy cold fronts that push through and can make it tough to fish for three or four days in a row sometimes. If you want to go out on the boat, try down at A&B Marina in Key West, where they can take a ride out to the best fishing areas in the Florida Keys. There's a lot of good places to go Bridge Fishing but there's nothing like going out with a boat and having big fish get hooked up on your line. The big boats will go fifty miles offshore, which is not for everybody, but you will definitely fill up your quota for your next fish fry! I personally like to stay closer to shore whenever it's windy, there's nothing like the boat crashing into the seas, which can be very uncomfortable. When it gets windy at the big problem is trying to figure out when to cancel the trip, so it kind of gets in the way. The winds eventually will calm down and you will get out and look for the birds. There's nothing like fishing on a beautiful day when you can see down through the water. The birds have really good eyesight and looked down into the water to find a baitfish. You know you are going to be fishing big time!

Guy S.