Wear your wet shoes at the florida keys parks

Key West Swimming Zones
These are big giant boats, like the glass bottom boat tour, and are filled with enthusiastic ship mates. go

More Ideas of things to do
It is fun to see all of the fishing boats come underneath, as you can see inside their boat. go

Great with Children in Marathon FL
While the park is huge if you use the kayaks to explore it, the beach area and playground are on the small side. go

Learn about the Turtle Hospital
So entertaining and educational at the same time. go

Vacations Pleasures of every possible kind
It is just so nice to hang out and chat with friends while soaking in the views. go

Nature has a place along the Overseas Highway
Near the center of town is the Key Tree Cactus Preserve, open daily for visitors from 8am to Sunset. go

Places for Children to Enjoy Outdoor Play in Key West
This one is on Stock Island, a nice place to bicycle to from Key West and back. go

Scenic Overseas Bicycle Trail Riding
The Florida Keys are so lucky to have such a fantastic Urban Bicycle Trail. go


Stroll Through the Grounds

Boat Fuel in Marathon
Boating could not be much better than the area above the Seven Mile Bridge. go

Reasonable Rates
Give this hotel the top pick in the location category. go

Fresh Fit Breakfast Menu
Picking up some sandwiches to go for the boat or your picnic could not be any easier. go

Upper Florida Keys Boating Locations
Free for day use only, and no overnight parking. go

You will like it Here
Take a thirty minute break and enjoy the park. go

Wall Art Shop
I have to admit the great impressions that are shown off are so nice in a living room. go

Buying Books in Islamorada
The first one we ordered was titled: Fly-Fishing in The Florida Keys by The Guides' Guide. go

Dog Park in Marathon

We had a good time at the dog park in Marathon and wanted to give it a top rating. I was going to report to you in person. I went over to say hi this morning, but it looked like a ghost home. No doggie barks or anything. I put your blue paper by the front door, just outside. Perhaps your working at your police job. Just stopped over to say hi and make sure you are ok. I was surprised the mean-ole-white-dog did not bark! Thank goodness the city is so dog friendly, even the neighbors will help you out.

Herbert G.

More Things we Found

I used to love tennis at the Higgs Beach tennis courts and at the Sports Page Bar. Anders jarryd was a super play. I liked tennis back then, they played at the net, drop shots, lobs, fun to watch. Not a fan of the player of today with their one hundred mph serves and they hang out too much at the baseline. I guess I don't like power tennis. The bar fun and dating is more fun. The last thing I want is another serious relationship. Been there, done that, I am having fun now. No drama is the way to go. We had to have that conversation this weekend during cocktails at Dantes Pool Bar. I knew better, he and I have been friends for a long time, always had this flirty relationship and more emotions than I guess I realized. I just want to have fun, this is paradise. We need more sports bars. The falcons game on tv yesterday, wow, that was fun!

Julian K.