What an area to go out fishing or maybe just drive the boat in circles

Fishing Hotels with Ramp
It is supreme and the kind of place for the whole family, and perfect for those with a boat. go

More Islamorada Boat Ramps
They love to show off the fish treasure bounty. go

Middle Keys Kayak Launch Locations
Park the kayak at the docks of a bunch of boater friendly restaurants down towards the big bridge. go

Flat Lagoon Setting
Entrance to the park is three miles up from the huge Marathon island, so many vacationers have a very short drive to find such a cheap and thrilling watersports adventure waiting. go

Launching your Boat in Marathon Key
This is a very good area for boating and that is why so many people love to rent by the week in Marathon Key. go

Starting spot for the Full Featured Watersports
Having a boat ramp right here on the hotel property makes it so easy. go

Big artificial reef off Marathon
It is at the entrance to Key Colony Beach and the waterway is named Vaca Cut. go

We Love the North Florida Keys
It was primitive by public park standards, but a small boaters dream launch area. go


Launching Locations

Boat Fish Trip in the Florida Keys
You can have the most fun when fishing on a boat around the bridges and scenic islands. go

Excellent Fresh-Cut French Fries
See you at Marathon's best ever boater bar. go

State Park
Keep the canoe out of the open water and it will not tip over. go

Novice falls for the Angler's Life
We love doing things like this, as Key West is way more about the nature and marine life than is the bar scene. go

Underwater Guides at MM-106
You will see plenty of fish, they swim all around you. go

Perfect for Kayak Sightseeing
A variety of bird species, turtles, raccoons, otters, sting rays, manatees and the occasional bottlenose dolphin may be seen in the water. go

This is a prime Boating Zone
Two boat ramps within a mile makes it easy to launch your boat to tour the area. go


Heading to the Boat Docks

Launching Locations

Many of the resorts and hotels in the area (like the Pines and Palms Islamorada) have Boat Ramps for the use of hotel room guests. When you make your boater-friendly reservations, just make sure you understand where your boat will be docked and how specifically the tie up works. Ideally, you want to tie up your boat to dock pilings on all four corners. This is the most advantageous way to keep the boat from touching anything when the wind storms pound it with mother nature's full force. Tieing to just two pilings on one side works fine in nice weather, but will not handle it during any powerful storms. Below are the public boat ramps from Key Largo down to Islamorada. Some are free and others have a dump in fee.

Ed J.