What Fun are the Paddle Pleasures around the Islands

Great parking area on the Overseas Highway
The Parking Lots are easy to spot on each end of the bridge, at Mile Marker 73. go

Paddle Islamorada Lagoon
It is a magical place to paddle, trust me! go

The spot for Grilled Seafood Dishes
With all the fresh seafood dishes you would expect, they know how to add on the extras like the smoothy style frozen cocktails. go

Boat Trip Tickets
Non-swimmers get a chance to see the tropical fish and coral without having to jump in the Atlantic Ocean water. go

Things to know about Florida Keys Bicycle Riding
Our trips are so much enhanced when we put the bikes on the car rack. go

Four-Wheel Vehicle
Our rental was so nice we did it for two days to see the entire island. go

Menu Specials for Seafood
Whatever is rolling off the docks in the ice chests is what you want to order. go

Destination for Marine Life
Turn just past the kmart, and go left on Sombrero Beach road. go


Make Yourself Smile

Panini Sandwich Pit Stop
Just the spot to cool off here along Duval for Gelato and all sorts of sweet treat desserts. go

Arrived for the Early Bird Seafood Specials
It is just so yummy! go

The spot for Nightlife Shows and Entertainment
Could a town have more interesting places to explore? go

Things I love in the Keys
Marathon was rocking long before Key West made its own unique niche. go

Docking up at the Sombrero Marina
The island is darn big at around six miles, so from the middle it is easy to bicycle around to all parts without needing the automobile. go

The Neat Adventures of Spearfishing for Seafood
These get us so pumped up as we plan for the fun. go

Vaca Cut Channel Bridge Hotel and Ramp
Being near the channel provides the ultimate in flexibility to pick the wind friendly side of the island. go


Commuting on the Pathways

Make Yourself Smile

What would it take for you to start commuting regularly to work, a nice kayak or fat tire electric assist bike. For many people, the fear of riding in traffic stops any notion of using a bicycle as their main form of transportation, and here with have the Overseas Highway Pathway which is primetime. Everyone can navigate a safe route or carry the things they need when they have a basket. In the basket you can put twelve packs of beer, children, laptops, fresh mangoes, which makes cycling so practical.

Leta Z.