Your home base for your Florida Keys boat trips

Port at Front Street
We just love this area and enjoy boating around the Florida Keys, it does not get any better on this side of the world. go

Key Colony Board Sports
Stop here at the marina shop for specific information about dive trips to coffins patch, the horseshoe, the thunderbolt, and sombrero reef. go

Where to Buy a Boat
You can not go wrong with a boating adventure on the water, that is why we moved here and bought a boat. go

Where to keep our boat in Islamorada
The location is absolutely perfect, as you can go quick to the backcountry or head oceanside. go

Turtle Island Watersports
It is a place for an upscale Key West style resort with such beautiful scenery and an extra large pool zone. go

Very happy with the Waterfront Location
The pool is just fantastic and the oceanfront beach bar. go

Harborside Marina at Lake Largo
You want to do at least one day of boating when on vacation in the Florida Keys. go

Boat Service Location in Marathon Florida Key
Their service is excellent and can handle really large boat dump in and lift out. go


Wet Storage

Fired up for some Live Music Bands
Good food and live music is why we come here and vacation. go

Gelato Homemade All Richly Creamy
Plan on a couple of strategically timed cool off pit stops at one of the local dessert restaurants. go

Southernmost White House
I am still in shock of being able to do that. go

Blue Crab Cake Recipe
Yes, be sure to cook them in your favorite fat free cooking spray. go

Oceanfront Islamorada with Boat Docks
We picked here to take advantage of the nice on property boat ramp, and their is a nice boat dock. go

Eat up at the Complimentary Continental Breakfast
I really enjoyed the clarity of the water, making it such a dream vacation. go

Best Walking Tour Ever
Your tour guide will show you the ropes, explain lots of locals only knowledge, get the skinny on famous places and it is all done with a smile. go

Rent a Fishing Boat Trip

Hi all, Here is a picture of a fish I caught on the Captain Michael Party Fishing Boat at Robbie's. We went fishing this morning, from 9:30 am to 1:30 pm. It was a lot of fun. The weather was great. It wasn't windy and it wasn't too hot or sunny either. It was just a nice day. We caught about 16-18 fish. We took some of the fish to a local restaurant (Lorelei Bar MM82) and they cooked the catch for us. We has a delicious meal of fish, rice, fries, and cole slaw, and sat outside by the water and watched the sunset during dinner. They had a live band playing island style music while the sun was going down. It was such an enjoyable atmosphere. There were lots of families and kids at the restaurant. This is such a nice town for families. I think all ages would really enjoy it here. After dinner, we came back to the hotel (Hampton Inn at mile marker 80) and went swimming. We are having a very nice time. So cool was putting the extra fish in the freezer, and we will take it home with us on Sunday.

Claudia T.

Preparing for Full Sunlight Fishing

Everyone needs to wear the long sleeves and big hats when fishing. I am living through it and wanted to send a message in to put on the Florida Keys website. Next is to see the results from the two slices they took off my head! I sure got the impression that the likely percentages are negative. She also made it see like the next procedure is nearly identical as today, just more thorough. That was very comforting. She said good therapy for my situation is fishing for yellowtail all covered up, antipasto and longboarding on the Overseas Highway bicycle pathway. Head bandaged Florida Travel Commander!

Grant L.