What a special zone to stop on your way down to Key West

Florida Keys Bridge Fishing Adventures
The bait shops are very good with helping out on bait selection for tossing the line in from the bridge. go

Live Music in Key West
The good thing about this town it small enough for you can use your bicycles to get to everything. go

Quick and easy Scooter Rentals
The best way to experience your vacation is on your own scooter. go

Dinner and a Movie
This is a fun place, a movie watching cafe created by people who are in love with cinema. go

Go with the Dark Rum
This is a great video displaying the way rum runner cocktails are blended together at the Whistle Stop. go

How to get a better view from the Boat
Yeti makes the best products, that is all we will use on any of our charter boats. go

Being a Florida Keys Tourist
Is this the best family beach area in the Florida Keys or what. go

Howard Livingston Mile Marker 24 Band
What a mix with the warm weather and good tunes. go


A Lot of Everything

Excellent Homemade Conch Fritters
Chill at a casual open-air, biker-friendly dive that feels like it's in the middle of nowhere. go

Souvenirs that Ladies will wear forever
See the cool video link we sent in for you to help the community. go

Get your Dance Groove On
All smiles! go

Whale Harbor Bridge Fishing
Fishing in the places where the water current moves swiftly means more fish are passing your bait. go

Search for Cheap Gifts
The ladies arrival outfit is Comfy Jeans, with a Beach Sleeve Shirt and Sandals. go

Island Style Doodads and Trinkets on Sale
Look for it at the lower end of Duval Street, close to Mallory Square. go

Key West News Source
WEYW TV is about the only channel we watch when on our vacations. go

Happy with the Florida Keys RV Trip

Thank you Stu for the super Big Pine Camping advice. It is a super area, with big sites for the RV or tent. And just to reiterate, Catman Kitty did not even like the carpet when I first got it, and as you can see in the photos on Mallory Square, adjustments can be made. Catman Kitty does not camping, but we do.

Vaughn S.

Slim Trim Dancing Time

Burning the calories is very easy in the Florida Keys. Slim trim dancing time, that is a major calorie burn. We can dance at Sunset Beach bar, the two story place with limited parking. I am talking about moving to the tropical musical beat.

Leann I.