With any of the cocktails, go for the largest size possible

Bicycle Parking
Biking is a very convenient way to get around in Key West. go

Oceanfront Pool with Tropical Music
QUESTION: Which Islamorada Hotel has the nicest swimming pool area to enjoy? go

Super Attractions for Children in Key West
We love this exhibit and it is perfect for testing you close-up video capturing skills. go

Nothing beats an RV Trip to the Florida Keys
Lock your vehicle and take a nice walk, plus there are tons of restaurants. go

Fun and Enjoyable Islamorada Waterfront Sightseeing
The bait shops are very good with helping out on bait selection for tossing the line in from the bridge. go

Lower Florida Keys Marina Bar
What a place to have fun and play. go

Pool Play makes the Vacation Special
Plus, nothing beats being able to jump in and out after boating and bicycle riding trips. go

Dunkin Donuts inside the Hess
This is the central part of the city where all the action is. go


Things have Changed

Pelican Hotel on Florida Bay
We went on the Sailors Choice, that was so exciting. go

Southernmost Golf Course
Squeeze in 18 holes when you can, the breeze on the island is typically fabulous. go

Flagler's famous Railway Hotel
Speaking of deals, the most interesting attraction in town is Mel Fishers Treasures. go

Staying in the Resort of Coconut Palms
What a winner for primetime pleasures on the water in the heart of Islamorada. go

Florida Keys Maritime Museum
Captain and crew put on a really good show, and you will tell that they have done this for a while. go

Live Bait is the key to Florida Keys Fishing Success
They will help you pick out the most appropriate bait to use for your target species. go

Fishing and Party Pleasure Hotels
The breeze is amazing here and the giant shade trees really help out. go


What is Happening this Week?

Things have Changed

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