Yellowtail is the fish which tastes best over the grill

TV Show about the Florida Keys
Visitors see in the hotel room, as small segments are repeated during the week on Keys TV. go

Things to ask the Hotel before you Book
One should always keep aboard a boat at least four lines, you need these to secure all four corners of the boat when docking. go

Everything you need at the Matecumbe Bait Shop
Deep water coming into the port makes it nice and easy. go

They will cook your Yellowtail Snapper
What a great pleasure it is to eat your fish on the same exact day you caught it. go

Fishing Pole Store
This is one of the stores to expand your fishing line and buy a pure Florida Keys style rod. go

Trips with your Fishing Line
Each time out you can target a specific fish, but it might be something else tugging at your bait. go

Bring your fishing pole on your Marathon Vacation
You save a lot of money when you fish with live bait and the advice of the local bait shop. go

Things we enjoyed on our Vacation
This is where we would recommend getting a fishing charter, as all the top guides run out of this bayside marina. go


Bait and Tackle

Artisan Bakery and Bread House
That was all we need to know! go

Places for Eating and People Watching
This town has the vibe to make you smile wide and you can watch the action from the porch. go

Going Delicious on Caroline Street
This was our first trip to a Fancy Steak House, and certainly did not expect it to be in the Florida Keys. go

Lunch with a view on Duval Street
It's good for a romantic dinner out in the evening. go

Marathon Breakfast Restaurants
From The Reef resort you can just walk over to the Wooden Spoon. go

Convenient to the Attractions
Couples would tend to like being near Duval and families might prefer a big swimming pool resort. go

Winning Combinations for Tropical Island Style Dining
You will see plenty of people and locals chowing down at the optional indoor or outdoor seating. go


Lots of Jumping and Thrashing

Bait and Tackle

The Tarpon Fishing is amazing to do. They are huge, bite hard and do not like to be reeled in. Very few of the fish are actually landed due to the size, weight, and the construction of their mouth. Inside the mouth is all soft, so hooks do not imbed well or long enough. This is true for circle hook or traditional hooks. Plus they go nuts and do lots of jumping and thrashing, tough on the fishing equipment. They will find the weak spot in your line. Yes, your tackle will be tested to its breaking threshold minimum point. How fun.

Rosanne Y.