You can have a group or family go party and sightseeing together

Where the locals go to restaurant dine in Marathon
This bar is tucked away and for sure only the locals would drive here to find the entrance. go

Overseas Highway Bicycle Riding Event
We stop for refreshments along the way, so it is a traveling bicycle party! go

Visiting the Old Island Cemetery
Be sure to check out the sign out front, there a lot of rules on what you can do in here. go

Benwood Key Largo Dive Trip
It was time for me to get my Open Water Certification. go

Boater's Paradise is Marathon Key
We go here to get our bait fish before heading off shore to chase the Yellowtail Snapper and Mahi-Dolphin Fish. go

Up-close Florida Keys Dolphins
In Marathon, the dolphin focused center offers excellent educational presentations about every half an hour throughout the entire day. go

A Really Cool Place to Explore
The bird center rescues injured Florida Keys wild birds. go

Front Street Conch Train Loading Depot
I goes all over old town, but you can only get off or on at one of designated stops. go


Around Town

Wet Shoes in the Florida Keys
There are lots of rocks, sting rays, and crabs in the water and I would not even put my feet in with out some wet shoes on them. go

Food is the Big Star
The fresh catch fish was right on, lightly breaded and cooked just right. go

Cats need plenty of Health Care
The Vet is also open and ready to help those from out of town. go

Kayak Ramp at Robbie's Marina
There are bridges to cross and islands to circle, plus the mangrove trails. go

Where are the Key West Snorkel Boats parked
It was a great day out on the water and boy was it clear out on the reefs. go

Captain Slate's Scuba Marine
They have got the best of diving here and every day is different. go

Live Bait is the key to Florida Keys Fishing Success
They will help you pick out the most appropriate bait to use for your target species. go

Lots to see on the Islands

The Mallory Square party is always getting better. Lion King Kitty is not getting his hair colored. He has beautiful hair just the way it is. Stay on kitchen task.

Candace C.

My kind of Town

Not everyone likes the coolest of local bars. I do want to go to Stick-n-Steins. Hooray for the Roosevelt Blvd construction being over. Life is better on a bicycle.

Miles Y.

Doing it right on the Islands

It's going to rain this weekend. And there's no free margaritas like last weekend at Blue Heaven. Let's think about fishing instead and being booze-free to gear up to the Gumba Festival next weekend.

Harry H.

Super Fun is the Area

Fantastic is the trip to Florida, just fantastic. You are the best. I am going to cook you a turkey. An 18 pound gobbler from south Georgia. Turkeys are huge in Georgia. We may go Turkey Hunting in Pasco County some time too. I read the article about the Florida Keys Cats. Feed that kitty please. Kitty wants all night out tonight too. I represent the kitty and speak the facts, so let the kitty stay out late please.

Kendrick E.

Pet Friendly Key West

Since this island is So Pet Friendly, we brought the dog and cat. However, catman kitty had a problem on vacation. The southernmost vet doctor gave him a shot of some different medicine, and I have to give him medicine for two weeks. I also have to visit the doctor once a week for the next few weeks because he wants to monitor Kitty's weight. I am so relieved. I knew I had to do something different and I'm glad I did. I know Kitty isn't going to live forever but he shouldn't die because of an earth worm. He still has a few good years left. He's sleeping now. I'm so happy he is going to be ok. The vacation lives on for more keys play.

Violet U.

Places to Explore on Bicycles

What a town this is, kind of a mix between a beach town and a fishing village. The limits are your own, but we prefer the relaxing adventures like a Sunset Cruise, Snorkeling, and the Glass Bottom Boat Rides. Around the city you will find the most exquisite history, and places to explore on bicycles.

Damien A.