You definitely want to be on the front row to get photos or video of these Key West Events

Old Home Mansions
The walking tour is operated and managed by the Historic Florida Keys Foundation. go

See the Live-aboard Boats is Amazing
It has been a large burden to local taxpayers who ultimately pay for the removal and disposal of derelict boats. go

This Mermaid features Lobster Crab Cakes
It is a fabulous restaurant and patio bar that is huge for the nightly sunset celebrations. go

Sightseeing Pit Stops at Mile Marker Sixty
There are a myriad of excellent places to pull off the road in the car on the way down to Key West. go

The Trolley Train stops here
The signs tell you all about this particular landmark. go

Tall Ships of Key West
It is the last giant sailing ship built on the island, as that specific industry died after building this craft. go

Zany Things
The sponge man is one of the classic guys you have to get a picture with Mr Sponge! go

Remaindering the Island Legions
This historic site was established because of a giant hurricane that hit here back around 1850. go


History Lessons

Yummy Cake Bakery by Vaca Cut Bridge
Perfect for yummy sensations like homemade cup cakes, ice cream, flavored snacks, pastries, and more. go

Very Central to Old Town
The breeze is amazing here and the giant shade trees really help out. go

Garden and Specialty Tree Shop
They purchase nautical gifts in bulk and pass on the savings to you. go

Florida Keys Gifts for Cheap
We are going for lobster. go

Picture Perfect Shoreline
There is a small fridge for your goodies. go

Florida Keys Island Style Breakfast Cafe
It is open all day, but we have focused on the breakfast specials and lunch. go

Help with Pet Care
The Vet is also open and ready to help those from out of town. go


Mile Marker Zero Vacations

History Lessons

Walking tours are the finest, and you can do it on your own without paying for the tour guides or trolley. The money spent on vacation can quickly add up, but Do it Yourself sightseeing is one of the easy ways to save money on your next Mile Marker Zero vacation. Some of the most popular spots to find include: (1) Solares Hill (2) La Concha Rooftop (3) Western Union Schooner (4) Tropical Forest and Botanical Garden (5) Smathers Beach (6) Sloppy Joe's (7) Turtle Kraals (8) West Martello Tower (9) Pan American World Airways (10) and Truman Little White House.

Isreal I.