You want to get some good dive time in on the first sunny day

Very Fun Trip Out on the Ocean
This was something very special for us. go

See corals and brightly colored reef fish
You cannot really make out the ship, so focus on the fish and having a good time. go

A great Scuba Diving Shop in Marathon Key
Take the turn off US1, and the dive shop is a breeze to find at 400 Sadowsky Causeway. go

Underwater Guides at MM-106
I like going out for a snorkel or scuba on the larger boats, just gives me a bit more peace of mind. go

Fueling up the Boat
You can fill up with fuel at the Burdines Waterfront Gas Station approximately just shy of mile marker 48. go

Loved the Paddle Event
The first time I circled the island of Key West was on a wave runner and it was zippy quick. go

Pontunes Marina Boat Rentals
Call ahead and they will explain any homework you may want to do. go

Islamorada has a Water Limo Ride
We had a blast on this touring watercraft boat ride. go


Water Waymarking

Island Sightseeing is so Fun
The first time we saw it we were on our bicycles just cruising around checking out the attractions. go

Great Things to See on the Island
There are so neat things to say close by, as you are now in the heart of the city. go

Finding Key West Vacation Values
Whatever you need to do to get the finest views! go

Rides to and from the Bars
Plan your transportation around the city each day, but if you get out of focus or too far away, just call out for one of the wonderful pedicab drivers. go

Summer Fishing in the Month of May
We love doing things like this, as Key West is way more about the nature and marine life than is the bar scene. go

Famous for the Apple, Pumpkin and Key Lime Pies
The shop is right in the middle of the action and you will need something pleasant to keep you going. go

The perfect pick for Key West Hotel Vacations
Everything is outstanding and it does not hurt to be on Duval Street with ocean front property. go


Go Fishing Offshore

Water Waymarking

The most important part of fishing offshore (key west to key largo) is learning where the Gulfstream starts, as this is often the beginning of the larger fish, especially first thing in the morning. Many boats work the edge on a daily basis, so the fish can become less numerous as the day goes along. Another term you will hear the captains talk about are the Rips. In simple terms, this is where the ocean floor is highly uneven, a fish attractant. Also, look to the sky-air for the birds, as they do help locate the mahi and other seasonal schooling fish. Another winner for fishing is around the floating debris, which are not square grouper. Yes, best are the sargasso weed patches but there is all kinds of branches, logs, boards, and clumps of debris. Fishing these areas can often be the most productive as wahoo and mahi love to swim around the floating stuff. I hope this helps a bit and going out one time with a good guide can show you these tips in practice.

Jess Z.