You will like the boating and the great water clarity

Places to See the Key West Waterfront
While so many visitors to the islands come the traditional way down US1, the Key West Airport has lots of daily flights, and boat travel brings in thousands of weekly visitors too. go

City Center Marina and Store
There are a number of excellent boat marina shops on the island, this is one of our all time favorites. go

Sweet Marina Location
It became very apparent that each trip leaves water on the rear portion, after I wash it down. go

Downtown Boat Ramp and Dock Area
Easy to find, small boats coming from the Gulf can enter Key West waters at Buoy Number-1 Northwest Passage. go

Exceptional fishing trip for the Dolphin Fish
It was a big pleasure to go out on such a wonderful boat and catch so many keepers mahi-mahi. go

Has a Boat Parts Department
Whether you area a salty dog or a newbie to the ocean, this will be a special treat. go

Mangrove Marina
This location is excellent for quick access to the Atlantic Ocean. go

Fishing Trips at Caloosa Cove
The marina has live bait, all the fishing supplies, a fuel up zone, and lots of wet-dry boat dockage. go


Motor Boat Rentals

Front Street Hot Dog Restaurant
They have top music, food, and plenty of cocktails, the good ones with the fruit inside and 151 Bacardi Rum! go

The best of Key West Coffee Cafes
What a cool way to get breakfast and coffee and it is all the fancy ways to enjoy the southernmost of local life! go

Quick Food Cafe
I love the iced coffee, cafe breva, and the ninety miles from cuban coffee. go

You see more nature in the Backcountry
Just try to find better Fishing Captains than they have here. go

Islamorada's Historical Heritage Monument Trail
Some of the better history of the Island can be found as you follow the Islamorada Historical Heritage Monument Trail. go

Shells to Beach Shoes
Pick up some neat things for your shell shelling collection. go

Your Hotel in the Florida Keys
It sits directly next to the Key Colony Beach Community Center and the Breezes Beach Bar. go


Renting a Boat or Waverunner

Motor Boat Rentals

Things To know About Renting a Boat or Waverunner. (1) Boater education ID cards must be presented when required. (2) No rentals are allowed to anyone under the age of 18. (3) The pre-ride overview must cover the safe boating operation, rules of the waterways, and driver responsibilities. (4) Rental representatives must do a check ride to evaluate the proficiency of renter to operate the boat safely. (5) Boating safety information must be displayed per Florida Wildlife Commission guidelines. (6) The boat rental representative has to be NASBLA state-approved. (7) The boat rental facility cannot rent boat vessel that does not have proper safety equipment, horsepower or load capacity. (8) The rental agency has to do pre-ride instruction on how to safely operate the watercraft.

Maritza N.