Dance and Entertainment Extravaganza

Your place to really party and dance on Duval. So cool and fun too, with daily entertainment. We like the nightlife, when they have all sorts of zany shows and laughter. The staff gets involved, as they sing, tell jokes, and dance their way along. Just had to send you in this video to post please.
Margaret I.

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Places to Video in Key West

What a fun spot, it was Very Entertaining for us. Just a new wrinkle on the sweet keys nightlife scene. Certainly you want to have your HD Flip Video ready to record!

Mervin K.

Today in Key West Aqua

Thanks...we just have to set up a Keys trip like now! When can you take a three day weekend? Let's do key largo, key west, and take the boat. Aqua is a new crazy bar in Key West, do not miss it.

Marlene R.

TMZ Headquarters Key West

Hi...Please ask around the office for some free tickets to this one. We can tape, try to get backstage, and get some video on TMZ!

Joni P.

Where to go dancing in Key West

Got to love the happy hours, it was until 8pm during our trip. We like to start drinking about 7pm so we can last. Dancing is so fun when everyone gets pumped up.

Shirley W.

You are going to like the Happy Hours

Good happy hours every day from 3pm to 8pm, and the entertainment is always classic. Watch for the Aquanettes, when Reality hits the Drag!

Estella F.

Aqua Club

711 Duval Street
Key West FL 33040

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