Swimming with the Barracuda

It will take you just one day out snorkeling to realize that barracuda are here. They tend to move very slowly and many times seem to float right next to you. This is their home and you are in the living room! Luckily, they do not tend to bite people but if you stick your fingers out?
Malcolm Z.

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Barracuda are looking for Lunch

One key is not to snorkel next to anybody fishing. No chum or bait in the water, so there is no blood. Sharks are the big deal, not the Key West Barracudas.

Helga B.

Watch out for the Barracuda

Key Largo rocks for a vacation pleasure trip and you get the reefs to play with. The Barracuda are so fun to say hello to. For food you get it all and Fresh Seafood is certainly not a problem. My picks for food after fishing include Tower of Pizza and the Fish House.

Rod S.

Plenty of Barracuda at Pennekamp Park

Too bad you cannot eat them as they are all over the beaches and reefs of Pennekamp. We went yesterday and loved the park, it is huge and they have kayaks and mangrove trails.

Emilio U.

Swimming with Barracuda

99701 Overseas Highway
Key Largo FL 33037
More: http://myfwc.com/research/saltwater/commercial-fisheries-photos-codes/food-bait-finfish/great-barracuda

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