Buying for Fashion in Old Town

Buying for Fashion in Old Town

The ladies arrival outfit is Comfy Jeans, with a Beach Sleeve Shirt and Sandals. For the beach go with shorts over the bikini, a Cropped Top, Big Hat, and Beach Wet Shoes. Fashion on the Conch Train Tour is a Maxi Skirt and Denim Top, with a Trendy Cap to protect the hair in the wind. Dressing for dinner at Sunset Key is the ultra thin dress with a Cardigan for warm, add in some Pumps plus a Clutch bag.
Pansy O.

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Lots of Unique Stuff

This is a great store that features a lot of unique stuff like Nautical Gifts. What a great street for finding gifts for the people back home that somehow didn't make it down to the Florida Keys with you. I personally love the things that are water related like the nautical lanterns, beach signs, and diver decor. You can Save a lot of Money if you look around first and by on your last day once you check the prices of the various stores. We like to shop when the weather is kind of rainy or really cloudy, then the boating is not very good so it's better to go ahead and get your shopping over with. Tropical Gifts are just fun to have back home it, especially if you live in Florida or live in a coastal region.

Dee W.

Tropical Corner

405 Greene Street
Key West FL 33040

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