Best Lunch in Key West

Best Lunch in Key West

Put it on my list of the top spots for lunch in Key West. Nothing beats the tasty fried shrimp and they make it very well right here at this famous cafe. Seafood is perfect on an island. Best place for iced tea by the glass on the island of Key West.

This is our favorite spot for a fried shrimp. For dessert it was between the homemade chocolate chip cookies, the triple chocolate brownies, or the assorted cupcakes. We like to stop on the bikes and get some seafood with sweet or unsweetened iced tea.

Try the crab cakes and you will be a forever fan. This is the spot to fill up your lunch box or pickup for a picnic at Fort Taylor Beach. I even had to ask about the recipe and got the inside scope on making primetime Blue Crab cakes!

The veggie wrap is really good and actually that grilled cheese sandwich is simple but plentiful with the curly fries. More of the restaurants in upper Duval seem to be becoming much more popular too, but this is the best lunch on lower Duval Street. Make sure you order the tea, and the refills are free.
Neva U.

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Grab a Table

Just have to rave over the best Key West lunch restaurant today, this is a winner! Got the outstanding meatloaf platter and it was a thing of beauty! Everyone was so nice I just had to spread the news. Please head on down as I have new friends and want to support our locals! Grab a table for some excellent chow.

Andreas I.

Sloppy Joe's

201 Duval Street
Key West FL 33040

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