Higgs Bicycle Pathway

Higgs Bicycle Pathway

Special places on the island is what we like to find, and yes away from Duval. You have four by two miles to explore and the pathways that go by the beaches are the coolest. This has to be the very best Bicycle Riding zone in all of Florida. Always bring your bicycles when vacationing in the Florida Keys. That is rule number one!
Charlene R.

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Bicycle Pathway goes by the Topless Beach

The bikes you can rent here are nice too, but nothing is like using your own bicycle from home. The pathway goes by Smathers Beach, which is the topless beach in Key West.

Sally V.

Touring the Island for Waterfront Sightseeing

There are a lot of topless girls hanging out at Higgs Beach. We take our bikes and go by there every single day for the very sexy views. This is why we love Key West, wonderful Bicycle Riding pathways with plenty of eye-candy!

Nickolas V.

Using the Bicycles on Vacation

The tour guide leader will stop and ask participants what Beer Bar is best for after the ride. A quick Ride Pace Check is an important element to group bicycle rides in the Florida Keys. Group rides are the best and the leader will check for tropical drink locations periodically along the way.

Sherri F.

Higgs Bicycle Pathway

1000 Atlantic Boulevard
Key West FL 33040
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