Pathways for Bicycles

Pathways for Bicycles

Yes is the answer to the question, should we bring our bicycles with us to the Florida Keys? ? Our trips are so much enhanced when we put the bikes on the car rack. Once you drive down to your vacation destination, the last thing you want to do is use the car to tour the local area. Bicycling is absolutely the way to go and nothing beats the automobile traffic free Overseas Highway Bicycle Pathway.
Gregg Q.

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Things to know about Florida Keys Bicycle Riding

Just about every where on US1 are nice bicycle trails to use, all flat with some shade. Only from mile marker 40 to 47 should bicycle riders avoid, forget riding on shoulder of Seven Mile Bridge. I love the bridges in the Florida Keys that have pedestrian and bicycle only bridge pathways, with no car traffic to deal with!

Humberto P.

Marathon Key is the most Bicycle Friendly

The area above the 7-mile bridge is primetime for family style Bicycle Riding. Once you see the Welcome to Marathon sign there is a bicycle pathway off the road all the way down the island. Only in Marathon do you get ten sweet miles on the bike pathway with lots of action to see. I love the bridge crossing and the four miles of Key West are excellent for bike rides.

Miguel C.

Bicycle Riding Pathway

60600 Overseas Highway
Duck Key FL 33050

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