Big Pine Key Campground

Big Pine Key Campground

We did a combo camping and boating trip here, what a treat. Bring the boat down on the trailer was a really good idea and we would recommend that for other South Florida Boaters. The park lets you Rent a Boat slip, and keep the boat in the water at all times. It is neat to just hop in and out of the boat all day. You boat to breakfast destinations, and the same thing goes for lunch and dinner. We Had a Blast.
Jason J.

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Camp Sites in the Lower Florida Keys

Most of the camp sites are very good with waterfront views. I was very impressed with the island and water clarity Snorkeling off the beach. There are two Main Beach areas, the inner lagoon being the most breathtaking since you see the old railroad bridge.

Kendra H.

Boater Friendly RV Camping Park

The boat ramp area at the park is excellent. We paid the $2 per foot charge and rented a wet boat slip. It was a blast to tour Big Pine Key using a flats boat.

Kaye G.

Waterfront Camping

We had a fun time right here on the waterfront of Bahia Honda State Park. The one thing I didn't understand and realize was all of the rabbits, as I knew all about the fish, Barracuda, and even the Lionfish problem. Nature is Everywhere.

I have come to the conclusion that your fancy Lion King kitty is actually smarter than the bunnies! The bunnies win from a defense of standpoint. They are extremely hard to sneak up on, but they have trust and sometimes you can get extremely close to them but the defense never comes down.

Your friendly Lion King kitty has an offense of side of the brain, and can manipulate human beings into feeding them fancy feast. For the fact that kitties can manipulate human beings to the level that they do, they win the award for being smarter than the bunny rabbits.

I do like the Florida Keys bunny rabbits, as they won't run off, with patients they will wait and only at the true understanding of a threat do they retreat. All Lion King kitty owners should be proud that they are smarter than the bunnies! Perhaps that's why cats eat rabbits.

Greg V.

Camp Bahia

36850 Overseas Highway
Big Pine Key FL 33043

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