Mile Marker 37 Bahia Beach

Mile Marker 37 Bahia Beach

Wow what a place! This is as sweet as it gets for a day along the water here at Bahia Honda, also known as Big Pine Key Beach. Water-sports are king here and you can rent all sorts of water toys, paddle boards, dive the snorkel trips take you to Looe Key Reef. The park is truly amazing, try to pick a sunny day with low winds for the best water clarity.
Theodore C.

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Offshore Beach Park Snorkel

The wind is the enemy of deep-water boaters and snorkelers, and you have got to plan for it. They have wind finders on the web that are great at predicting speed and direction out a week or more. You do want to pick a nice day to see more marine life. Look for big sea turtles swimming slowing along. On the boat, look down in the water to see nature's treasures. Windy days are great for backcountry fishing instead.

Patrica F.

Bahia Honda Bridge Beach

The inner beach area can sometimes be so calm because of the land acting as a wind break. A great place for families and beach play. Fish from the shore. We like to use this boat ramp here and the Pennekamp ramp up in Key Largo.

Lon K.

Mile Marker 37 Bahia Beach

Where is the Best Beach in the Middle Florida Keys? A super park, with all the watersports, plus you can take the reef snorkel trip out. We also like Sombrero Beach, which is the main public beach area in Marathon. That is up one island, a clean beautiful beach, with picnic areas and Snorkeling.

Lauren K.

Lower Florida Keys Marine Park

You can fish here at the State Park. Stop at Jig's bait and tackle ( on Big Pine Key for tips on what to catch. Some fish are seasonal, but you can always catch keepers from the shore.

Thaddeus G.

MM37 State Park

36850 Overseas Highway
Big Pine Key FL 33043

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