Fun Stuff in the Water to do

Fun Stuff in the Water to do

What a total blast. During the daylight hours the focus should be on taking advantage of the beach and water play. Taking a scenic tour of it all was a pleasure. One of the must do things for your Key West Bucket List is waverunner cruising! It was so nice to have these to rent, as they are a lot of fun to ride. Good times.
Freida V.

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Great Beaches in both directions

So fast, it is great being down here in the Florida Keys zooming along and seeing down through the water. From Casa Marina Beach, you are not far from some neat beach locations. To the left is Higgs Beach and to the right is the landmark Fort Zachary Taylor, a park and beach. We like it there and also farther up to the left is Smathers Beach. Lots to See when you loop the island.

Johanna G.

Splashable Things to do on the Island

The jet-ski tours are about as fun as you can get here. We loved it, plus viewing the top sites off the Key West shores. We had seen all on bikes, but doing it on the water is a true Keys Treat. The scuba is so neat, tomorrow it is off to tour some ship wrecks and the reefs. I won't even go into how nice the live music and entertainment is!

Allie Y.

Casa Marina Beach Pleasures

How do I know the Rental Agency is Legal? We have gotten lots of questions on what to expect when you go and Rent a Boat or jetski. Here is the short list of what they will do down here. The boat rental representative has to be NASBLA/state-approved. The boat rental facility cannot rent boat vessel that does not have proper safety equipment, horsepower or load capacity. The pre-ride overview must cover the safe boating operation, rules of the waterways, and driver responsibilities.

Willy E.

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