Upper Keys Bird Park

The nature and wildlife of the Florida Keys is on full display at the Bird Park, here just a bit south of Key Largo FL. Everything is easy to explore and it is nice and close-up. Expect to see all sorts of wild bird species and the classic island style nature.
Dominick R.

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Helping the Birds Survive

The park does nice things for the birds, and really keeps them healthy. They do release all the critters that they can.

Marcel J.

Pickles the star Cockatoo

That Pickles is something, a zany cockatoo which is one of the stars at the Florida Keys Bird Wildlife Park. He loves to be on video to play and really rocks out!

Lance B.

Ask about the Feed Times

Interactive displays and you might get to hold a pelican. There are zillions of critters during the feed times.

Mitchel L.

Wild Bird Center

93997 Overseas Highway
Tavernier FL 33070

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