Blue Hole Nature Center

In the middle of the Key Deer Refuge is a nature lake area called the Blue Hole. A small park for nature observation and has a walking trial. During the middle of the day you are less likely to see any of the Key Deer. Try around dawn or dusk if you can fit it into your schedule.

The Blue Hole is an abandoned limestone quarry used during the railroad growth. Be careful walking around as poisonwood produces an oil which can cause a rash to kids and adults. It is all nature, as the wildlife here includes fish, turtles, birds and alligators.

Big Pine Key has extensive growths of Florida slash pine, silver palms, thatch palm, and poisonwood. To identify it, look for telltale burn marks on the leaves.
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Trips deep inside the Keys

It is a very small park, about two miles down the main road of Big Pine. On the left side, with parking for around fifteen cars. Only for those into the woods and scenic nature.

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Gators at Blue Hole Park

They have gators in here too. Watch out, when you walk the lake perimeter.

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Key Deer Park

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Blue Hole Nature Center

Exploring the mysterious lands of Big Pine often feels like setting foot on a foreign, untouched island. With few other vacation guests to contend with, the rental prices are cheaper here. Plus you get all the natural wonders, fishing, and key deer.

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Blue Hole Park

Key Deer Boulevard
Big Pine Key FL 33043

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