Boat Docking Hotel in Marathon

Boat Docking Hotel in Marathon

It was a great pleasure to stay at one of the hotels that is just perfect for the boater. If you are bringing a boat then you will want a nice spot to keep your boat ready to fire and go. You get to pick from a lot of different styles of units when staying on a big island like Marathon. It is nice being in the middle of the action, so getting to any of the boater friendly bars is easy. With your Marathon Key stay, enjoy a really nice pool with ocean views and a very active watersports focused lifestyle. The Seascape has really nice oceanfront accommodations that is super-boater-friendly with mega overflow boat trailer parking.
Emilio G.

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Book Midweek to Save

This is a very cheap place to stay, which exceeded the expectations. Booking midweek was a really good idea as that's the way to save some cash on Hotels in the Florida Keys. If you have the ability to come down on Monday or Tuesday, then leave the keys on Friday, deeper prayer to save money. Mostly we spend all the time during the day out on the water with the boat, so it does not really matter whether it's a weekend or midweek. The staff here is excellent and caters to what ever questions or issues you might have.

Keri R.

Seascape Motel

1275 76th Street Ocean East
Marathon FL 33050
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