Fueling up the Boat

Fueling up the Boat

Get boat gas in Marathon Key is a breeze for the boater as there are a number of really easy to find spots to pick from. I like to fuel docks near the Seven Mile Bridge in the protected Boot Key Harbor. This is the quickest place to get boat supplies, bait, and a bunch of boater friendly restaurants. Pancho's has always been open from 7am to 6pm seven days a week.
Georgia C.

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Secret Entrance to Boot Key Harbor

You can enter the harbor on the upper end via the waterway channel known as Sister Creek. Take the boat past Sombrero Beach and follow the channel into the backside of Boot Key Harbor.

Nelly H.

The huge Boating Area in Marathon Key

There are three boat gas stations side by side as you enter into Boot Key Harbor from the lower end. This is a lovely area to go boating because of the nice mix of islands and quick access to the reef system.

Phil Q.

Pancho's Fuel Dock

1280 Oceanview Avenue
Marathon FL 33050

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