Boat Ride to Key West

Boat Ride to Key West

The Key West Express is impressive and fun. Getting a ticket to this boat is a super idea for a quick getaway. Going down and back in one day is a very long day, but a great day.

Try to stay over one night, so you will have more time on Duval! If you pick some really nice weather, the boat ride is even more entertaining to do.

If you do not want to drive down the Overseas Highway, take the super fast boat ride! The Port of Key West is so cool to boat in to from the sea.

The boat trip down to the island was excellent. Very exciting is a big voyage out on the ocean when you're heading down on vacation. There is no need to pack a lot of clothing, and nothing fancy at all. Those that live here rarely own an iron and even the socialites do not stress about their evening attire.
Lana L.

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Getting to Key West

I would recommend having some boat shoes, otherwise known as wet shoes for the Shoreline explorations during your visit. Many of the beach parks have a lot of rocks, so you do need some wet wearable shoes.

Everyday is a party just like Hemingway and Tennessee williams did, plus many other writers and artists. The express boat ride has a lot of flexibility as round-trip tickets may be used on different days. There is a lot to do with the artsy shops, art galleries beaches and don't forget the theaters which presents top notch plays and the Island Safari fun.

Dorothy L.

Ferry Express

100 Grinnell Street
Key West FL 33040

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