Boater Friendly Hotel Islamorada

Boater Friendly Hotel Islamorada

There is no doubt there are a lot of very good places to stay in the Florida Keys that are boater friendly. You want a hotel property that has all the extras to make your boating easy, with Deep Water access. I have my favorite places picked out and this is one of them because of the great waterway access. The bridge to cross into the Gulf of Mexico or to go from that side back over to the Atlantic Ocean side is just up about one quarter of a mile. This particular city of islands has four great bridges to make it really easy for the boater to deal with the wind and to make Fishing decisions based upon the tide and water movement.

I thought the entire adventure of coming down and staying at a Waterfront Hotel was extremely worth it and I am glad that the price structure is not bad at all especially if you can split it between two people or for people, which is the perfect Fishing Trip group. The price for a Miami Beach marina hotel is pricey big time. Four people On a Boat Fishing in the afternoon makes for good conversation and you can really get into the whole experience of looking down in the water and feeling the reel in your hand being so tight because that fish is down there struggling to not get caught for your supper.

Around the dock it's deepwater making it easy to navigate into the Shoreline. You just need to go slow and idle for a bout maybe three hundred yards and then you'll be in five foot deep water from then on. The little channel to get into the hotel is well marked, so you can see it during the day. This is a great island for the boating and Fishing, and lots of the bikini lifestyle.
Perry C.

Breezy Palms

80015 Overseas Highway
Islamorada FL 33036-3802
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