Boating Recommendations for Islamorada

Boating Recommendations for Islamorada

It's a great day to head out for some fantastic fishing in the Florida Keys. These lucky folks are boating in the waters of Islamorada, which just happens to be known as the sportfishing capital of the world. The key to boating in Islamorada is understanding the four key bridges so you can buzz back and forth between the ocean and gulf. Study the maps and know the bridges by heart. You have to be flexible here to use the wind correctly and that means moving around as the weather and fish biting dictate. Shown in the photography is oceanside right next to the Tea Table Relief Bridge. This is just a little bit below mile marker eighty, where bud and mary's marina sticks out big time. Nearly straight out from this location is the famous Alligator Reef Lighthouse, a super fishing and reef boat target area. Boaters keep the smiles on in the upper Florida Keys!
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Best Florida Boating City

We have been very lucky and fortunate to have gone boating in a lot of areas of the state of Florida and this is one of the very best by far. The area around sanibel and captiva islands is a fantastic boating zone, but I give the nod to the Florida Keys as the best boating. This area is highlighted by the amount of bridges for easy access to go back and forth from ocean to gulf. The first trip we came down I was very worried about my engine breaking down and I would be drifting out to cuba. Over the years with the gps tracking and all the ability to communicate electronically has allowed me to grow into the boating. Only go to the reefs on nice days, as the weather is not worth fighting. The marina here at mile marker eighty has excellent boat charters.

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Boating Islamorada

79850 Overseas Highway
Islamorada FL 33036
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