Boat Docking in Marathon Florida Keys

Great area and one of the larger islands down in the chain, so you have much more to do. We stay in the Boot Key Harbor on our sailboat and used our dingy to bring the bicycles to shore. It is easy to navigate the island, with nice sidewalks on both sides. Loved the Hurricane Bar, the food side on the right away from the actual bar.
Elias B.

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Sweet zone for Boating Pleasures

A day on the boat here is so special, we saw a bunch of different species of wildlife on the trip: porpoise are the big stars, but also big heron, fish of all types, pelicans, ospreys and sea critters. Neat area.

Jacquelyn A.

Bring the Kayak to enjoy the waterfront

Hi...the more I learn about Marathon, the more I like. This area around Boot Key Harbor and Vaca Key would be awesome to kayak around.

Melissa D.

Things we loved in Marathon

This was the place we stopped at last summer when seeking marina docking spot in Marathon Florida Keys. It was an ideal choice, as it is located in the city center area, and The Stores, bars, and restaurants are great. The surroundings are as convenient as one, two, three. Very good shower and laundry facilities.

Adrian S.

Good Locations to Daily Adventures

We stayed at the Andrews Inn. This zone on Marathon is playful. What a great marina for boaters to take advantage of. Our week was filled with lots of biking the city streets in hut for the best bars! It is fun, you can do plenty of walking and dinghy rides in the channels. Do stop at Pigeon Key, a special place with tons of history.

Loraine E.

Boat Docking in Marathon Florida Keys

It is one of the best harbors in the Florida Keys for yachts and large sailboats. The Marina is within walking distance of retailers, restaurants, and grocery stores. Many Local Restaurants in Marathon offer dinghy access to their establishments. The Marina is located adjacent to the big park and sports park complex.

Lonny C.

Boot Key Marina

800 35th Street
Marathon FL 33050

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