Live Bait Store

Live Bait Store

As you head down to the Florida Keys, your family can pick many places to drop in the boat and hit the water. We love all of it, but do have to say that Islamorada has deeper water closer to the shore. You are only half way down, which is really good for us that head down from South Florida. Bud and Mary's is full service and try the cheap sandwiches all made up in the Bait Shop.
Edwardo R.

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Shallow Water or Deep Offshore Fishing

Amazing is the backcountry off the bayside of Islamorada, which to me is better than the Deep Water in the Atlantic. Both are super, but you get more of the island and nature sightseeing in the shallow waters off the Gulf, near the islands.

Vincent V.

What about the other Fishing Gear

Nice spot, easy in and out. They also sell ice, polarized sunglasses, and hats. These are the things everyone forgets before heading out on the boats here in Marathon or Islamorada.

Delbert I.

Islamorada Sandwich Shop for Boaters

The deli and store always comes through. This is where we get our sandwiches and snacks before we head out in the boat.

Chandra T.

Mile Marker 80 Attractions

Prime time zone here around mile marker 80. Boaters know all about the Tea Table Relief Bridge and Bud-Marys. For Florida Keys Trivia, the north bridge approach here at the marina washed out during 1960 Hurricane Donna. That is one good fact!

Roderick R.

Way Cool Islamorada Shark Marina

So many sharks right next to the shore. It is wild to see a video of the sharks so close!

Alton H.

Big Island Florida Keys Marina

Please pass the word on the Mad Dog Mandich Fishing Event, as anglers and guests love the venue in Islamorada. It all starts beach side at the beautiful Chesapeake Beach Resort, What an Event Location! It makes for a sweet weekend and so much of the Mad Dog Classic proceeds goes to Mariners Hospital. The website url is included in the post for next event details. Thanks a bunch.

Emmanuel H.

Bud and Marys Center

79851 Overseas Highway
Islamorada FL 33036

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