Buzzard Seafood Cafe

One of the neatest spots for dinner in the Upper Florida Keys. The Buzzard's Roost will Cook your Catch, and they have a cute little video on their website too. Just the place to take our fish fillets from the Sailors Choice fishing boat. They are right on the water, easy boating in from the ocean.
Sierra A.

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Fresh Daily Seafood Specials

In the keys, you have to go with the Daily Special. This is the fresh fish that is just caught. Here they do it in the baskets. Typically it is Mahi, huge here. Go with grilled or hotly blackened.

Bertha W.

Full Service Cocktail Bar for Seafood

If we remember, we can pull in and drive down Garden Cove Drive to see how the kayak parking would work. Same road as the Buzzard's Roost. It is a highly recommended Kayaking launch spot, with trails and stuff like Rattlesnake Key.

Katherine B.

Garden Cove Patio Cafe

Outside, the restaurant's patio cafe has about a dozen tables. Lunch in the summer might be better inside and do the dinner out on the patio. Winter would reverse.

Evangeline U.

Steaks Seafood and Homemade Desserts

The views are nice and really nice dishes of seafood. One neat spot for lunch for Miami and the Upper Florida Keys. This restaurant is on our Florida Keys Top-ten List.

Rosendo I.

21 Garden Cove Drive

Just had to do one of the watercraft rentals, so we could come to the Key Largo Restaurants by dock entrance. Fine place here and has a nice mix of beers. I think a fully equipped pontoon boats would be perfect for living here.

Courtney H.

Daily Fresh Seafood Lunch Specials

When you walk in they will tell you what the deal is and that is the Seafood Lunch Specials. It is part of what they do here. On Tuesday it was the Fresh Tuna Ciabatta Sandwich. They mix some fresh caught blackfin tuna salad, with cheddar cheese, juicy sliced tomatoes, lettuce leaves, and hot press it on ciabatta bread. Go with the lunch specials! For dinner it is the Buzzards Seafood Pasta.

Sophia T.

Buzzard's Roost

21 Garden Cove Drive
Key Largo FL 33037

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