Calusa Beach Shoreline

Calusa Beach Shoreline

Welcome to an awarding winning place to plant your umbrella and chairs! The Shoreline area on the Overseas Highway side of the park is Calusa Beach. It is very nice and often has the calmer water for the best Snorkeling experience. About one hundred yards away is the alternative Atlantic Ocean side shoreline. I like the views of the Henry Flager Coast Railway Bridge, which is just to the left down the shore. You pay an entrance fee as you enter Bahia Honda Park and within sixty seconds you can be standing right here on the shore. Bring your wet shoes to explore and enjoy the rocky shoreline. There are reef trips, Kayak Rentals, snorkeling, a gift shop and darn good snack bar. Calusa Beach is one of the better picks for your day light hours. Plan on burning plenty of calories with the watersports pleasures of Bahia Honda State Park.
Arline A.

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Family Beach

That photo of Bahia Honda beach is fantastic, with the sailboat parked just off the shore. If that doesn't capture exactly what it's like here, only a visit is better. Those people must be pretty lucky to have that sailboat right there parked. Just to the right is the Bahia Honda Campground area and they do allow boats as part of the rental fee. There is little dock area inside where you can tie off, wet docks for an extra fee if you are a campground guest. The waters are really nice on this side because it's protected. If you walk from this particular location and cross over the island back the other direction, about two hundred yards later is the oceanside Sandspur Beach. Depending on the wind, sometimes one side can be a lot better than the other. Do not come here on a cloudy day if it is your first time, the clouds just kill the it factor, all the visual beauty is not the same.

Lara L.

Calusa Beach

36850 Overseas Highway
Big Pine Key FL 33043
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