Channel Two Bridge

Channel Two Bridge

One of the coolest spots to stop on the Overseas Highway is the Channel Two Bridge. The Parking Lots are easy to spot on each end of the bridge, at Mile Marker 73. This is lower Islamorada, just before the long stretch of business free highway until Marathon Key. A very scenic area, this is the perfect place to stop with a family and take a photography break!
Judy U.

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Great parking area on the Overseas Highway

The big bridges are cool to boat around, as both Channel Two and Channel Five have strong currents. We almost always take a ten minute break at the parking area. Public fishing is huge here and you will likely see something reeled in.

Georgette E.

Excellent Bridge Fishing and Sightseeing Zone

Those electric bait buckets work great for bridge fishing in the Florida Keys. If you use the electric bait buckets, the shrimp and crabs stay happy until they get eaten. We fish off the bridges and have a super fun time.

Kristopher Y.

Bridge Fishing

Anne's beach is a gorgeous stretch along a1a at mile marker 74 that stretches alongside the ocean. Crabs running away sideways, but when they stop they disappear in the surrounding sand. Tidal flats with scalloped beaches, covered with inches of water. The nature was absolutely gorgeous! We are headed to Key West before our summer season starts. Anne's beach is open from sunrise to sunset everyday. This is a great place to stop while traveling the keys, and its free!

Horace U.

Channel Two Bridge

73000 Overseas Highway
Islamorada FL 33036

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