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This is a prime thing to do on your vacation, pick a nice day since it is both indoor and outdoor. At the Key West Aquarium everyone gets to see some of the Florida Keys most intriguing and exotic sea creatures. Kids will really like getting so close to the sharks. Each presentation is all about the spectacular marine life and Underwater world that surrounds the islands of the Florida Keys.
Alejandra I.

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Feedings are the best part when you watch as sharks and turtles enjoy their lunch. Really good for a family with children. See moray eels, jelly fish, Barracuda and hundreds of other tropical fish up close.

Hiram Y.

Focused on the Fish

Make sure you check out all the different things that are focused on the fish and the nature. People seem to focus only on the happy hour cocktails and some of the best things to do really are where you can see things like sea critters up close. I'm not just talking about the dolphins, I mean jellyfish and the other county creatures that live here in these waters.

There are ticket discount coupon stickers placed on the show pamphlet that is given away at the Visitors Center. Theater of the Sea is open 365 days a year and opens at 10am. For a special treat, you can put someone into an unforgettable show where they are the star. You see lots of animals, plus the colorful parrots and mega exotic plants. Every child will want to meet a sea lion and an upper keys dolphin.

Nicky G.


One Whitehead Street
Key West FL 33040
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